My name is Janine and i'm a fourteen year old guitar-playing internet freak with an obsession of chocolate, popcorn (or both) and iPhone apps.

Music is my biggest passion and i play guitar, sing and some piano. I go to a special music and arts school in sweden and I love my class because everybody has the same interests (music and arts) and therefore understand eachother, I don't know how i would've managed school in a regular class :S

I love reading (duuuh) and i will read basiclly read anything but YA is my main genre. I'm doing the 50 book challenge this year and it's so much fun! Click '2011 book challenge' above to read more about my 50 book challenge :)

Besides reading and music I love crafts and arts, movies and i'm a huge sucker for romance and musicals.
ahh,.. romance musicals..... *dreaming*

If you would like to send me a book or contact me for any reason, e-mail me at:
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