Thursday, June 2, 2011


Jace is casted! I've been following the casting of Jace on Cassies twitter for the longest while and now It doesn't seem real that it's decided.
I think Jamie is sick somehow, Twilight, Harry Potter AND The mortal instruments?! Gosh..this dude is amazing!

He does have quite a Jace-y feeling to him doesn't he?
I really can't WAIT for this movie!

I  have a question; on imdb, the upcoming movie with Jamie as Jace is called "The mortal instruments" not "City of Bones". 
Does this mean that there will be only ONE movie?
Or will they have different titles than the books?
Or will they simply be called "The mortal instruments, 1", "The mortal instruments, 2" etc.? 
Does anybody know? Please tell me in the comments :)

Then there's of course our Clary, Lily Collins, but we've all known that for a while haven't we? Did you know that she'll be playing Snow White in the upcoming Snow White movie? I didn't :S

This movie is going to be SO GREAT!
 I can totally see Jamie as Jace and Lily is the perfect Clary. (Unlike other movies, *cough* Hunger Games *cough*, where I do not like the casting choices that much)

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