Thursday, July 28, 2011

New HG pictures! YAY!

Check out these awesome pictures from The hunger games movie ♥

I have to say; I still do not like the casting choice for Peeta OR Gale. They just look... wrong :S

I wonder if this might be in the beginning, when Katniss and Gale is hunting in the woods...:D

Naaw, look at peeta in his baking-clothes...still do not like it.

Here's some pictures from the arena:

Here's the justice building:

Is this Effie?? Who do you think it is?

Ohh, check Prim out ^^ She looks so cute!

The coal mine in District 12:

Also, here's Katniss and Gale at the reaping:

Sorry for the picture bomb :S I'm just so frikkin' exited for this movie!


  1. Jag är lite tveksam på Gale, men Peeta är ju så god damn perfect! Blev så otroligt glad när jag fick reda på att Josh skulle spela honom :D

  2. Hmm, ne jag tycket inte om the casting choice for Peeta or Gale actually :)

  3. That is so not how I pictured Peeta! Anyways, I hope they portray all the characters right! I cannot wait to see it :)

  4. I agree with you, Peeta and Gale just don't look right. I didn't imagined them to look like that at all. Gale doesn't look like someone who hunts and all, more like a model. And Peeta? Common! I'm so upset about it, coz I have a crush on Peeta :P