Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 favorite male characters pt. 1

10.  Kyle Kingsbury/Adrian King from Beastly

Beastly by Alex Flinn is definetly one of my favorite books ever. And most of it is because of the main guy Kyle/Adrian.
I love how he develops throughout the book from snobby, mean, spoiled Kyle to caring, romantic and kind Adrian.
   In some parts of the book - especially when he just got turned in to the beast :S - Adrian really scared me. After Will came and helped him with the roses though, ahh, he was so sweet :)

"She wanted to leave. I loved her too much to make her stay." 

"Who dares disturb my roses?"
Why did I say that

9. Lucius Vladescu from Jessicas guide to dating on the dark side

How can you do other than love Lucius?
 I mean, he's a bloody romanian vampire prince!
  I love how he's so confident even though he's so different than anybody else at his new school.  He also makes Jessica feel alot better about herself, he makes her fell like a priness, and that is so cool. Lucius' development in this book is really great. He actually wearing jeans towards the end! xD

"I don't know how to dress girls, I know how to dress women" 

"American women. Why do you all want to be
nearly invisible? Why not have a physical presence in the world? Women should have curves,
not angles. Not points." 

8.Elder from Across the Universe

Ahh, Elder is so.. sweet. 
There really is no better word to describe him with.I had so many "naaaaaw-moments" with elder you would not belive it. When he saw the stars the first time; naaaaaaw. 
When he saw Amy the first time; naaaaaaaaaaaw.
When he took Amy to the garden; naaaaaaaaaw .

"I want to take her into my arms and hold her tight. But at the same time, I know that is the exact opposite of what she wants. She wants to be free, and all I want is to hold her tight against me.

"It is like a piece of my soul had been lost, empty, and it is now filled with the light of a million stars."

7. Dimitri Belikov from Vampire Academy

I don't think that a girl who read the vampire academy books is actually capable of not loving Dimitri.
I haven't read the enitre series and maybe that's why he's number 7 on my list but I sure still do love him. He's so dark and mysterious but still so loving. I think the fact that Dimitri's and Rose's love is so forbidden makes us all love him more.

"You can, you're strong--you're so, so strong. Its why I love you"

6. Xavier Woods from Halo

Oh, gosh. Xavier, what to say about him. I just adore him so much, him and his gigantic, loving family. 
He's so funny and sarcastic, but kind and loving. Like Dimitri, Xavier is also a big mystery. Before Beth came along he'd basicly not spoken to anyone since "the accident".
Every girl secretly wants him but they all gossip about him, saying how strange and odd he is.

"A man in love can do extraordinary things, I don’t care if you’re an 
angel, you’re my angel, and I won’t let you go."

"Its okay, Beth.I don't want my life to go back to the way it was before i met you.I thought i had it all,but really i was missing something. feel like a completely different person now.This might sound corny,but i feel like i've been asleep for a long time and you've just woken me up..."

"Love you,” Xavier said just before he drifted back to sleep. 
“Love you more,” I said playfully. 
“Not a chance,” Xavier said, fully awake now. “I’m bigger, I can contain more love.” 
“I’m smaller, therefore my love particles are more compressed, which means I can fit more in.” 
Xavier laughed. “That argument makes no sense. Overruled.” 
“I’m just basing it on how much I miss you when you’re not around,” I countered. 
“How can you possibly know how much I miss you 
?” he said. “Have you got some sort of built-in miss-o-meter that can give us a reading?” 
“I’m a girl; of course I have a built-in miss-o-meter." 

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