Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pottermore ♥

So, did you get a chance to register today? Did you solve the riddle and found the magical quill? Well I DID!

I am superduper exited, I know that this doesn't necisarily mean that I get to be one of the million people to try Pottermore before it's release, but, since I was up pretty early this morning and solved the riddle pretty quickly, it does mean that I have a great chance!

Ahh, Pottermore thinks I'm magical...

I am magical.
Magical me.
Janine Andersson; magical.
Sounds great doesn't it?

I was pretty upset with the fact that I couldn't choose my own username. Pottermore gave me 5 different options and I could choose wich one of thsoe five that I wanted. They said that it was some kind of security crap.

My Pottermore username is; DawnQueen89.
I like the fact that my username has the word 'queen' in it, but i do not like the... omg i just realised something. What if people think that I was born in -89?! I was so NOT born in -89.

If you did not get a chance to register today, there will be a new riddle every day until August 6th. 
So go ahead and give those potter-brain-muscles a workout so that you can figure out the answer! 
hint: a great way to get your potter-brain-muscles sweating is to read the books.


  1. SV: Haha, alla mina alternativ var fruktansvärda, så nu heter jag BloodFirebolt15. Menmen, huvudsaken är ju att man har en account c:

  2. Fett coolt! Grattis! :D
    Svar: Haha, "Men with scars" va fett bäst! Var Victor Krum kul? :D

  3. Gratulerer, fin oppdatering på designet,

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