Sunday, July 31, 2011

Soundtrack Sunday (1)

Now, I'm sure that a million people did this before me, i'm also sure that this "meme" comes in tons of different variations. But this is how i'm going to do it;
Every Sunday, I'll upload a song from youtube here on the blog. It won't just be any song, but a song that reminds me of a certain book in one way or another.
Simple enough, eh? ^^

This weeks song is "Emily not, not gone" by Cemetary Sighs.
For anyone who read Nevermore by Kelly Creagh (which is the book i'm currently reading btw), it is quite obvious why I chose this song, but for those of you who haven't; This is one of Varens favorite songs. He plays it in the ice-cream shop where he works while he and Isobel is cleaning the floor xD

I don't know for sure, but I think, that this song was recorded for the book Nevermore.  So, no, Cemetery Sighs is technically not a real band and they do not have any other songs :(


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